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Statement on abusive behaviour towards staff

Brighter Super does not tolerate rude and aggressive behaviour directed towards its employees.

We value all the conversations we have with our members, and we encourage feedback that helps us deliver better products and services. We also value the behavioural standards of the communities we all live and work in, such as courtesy, respect, tolerance and diversity.

For this reason, abusive behaviour by a member towards an employee is not acceptable. We will address any instances of abusive behaviour directly with the member. Repeat instances could result in restrictions being placed on a member’s access to phone and face-to-face services. In extreme cases of abusive behaviour, we may limit a member’s contact with the fund to written communication only.

Brighter Super provides its employees with a safe and healthy workplace, enabling them to deliver a responsive and accessible service to our members. We ask all members to respect and support the wellbeing of our employees.