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The best value insurance tailored for electricians and energy workers

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Energy workers and electricians work with risk everyday: scaling heights, handling high-voltage plant, working in confined spaces.

With that in mind, it provides peace of mind to you and your family that if something does go wrong, Brighter Super, the industry super fund for electricians and energy workers, offers award-winning income protection insurance tailored for you.

If you are a Brighter Super member working in the electrical and energy sector, you will typically receive income protection insurance included as a part of your membership – you do not have to opt in or go through an application process 2 This insurance also covers pre-existing conditions 3 which is cover some other competitors - servicing the energy and electrical industry - do not provide 4.

Brighter Super’s default income protection insurance, covers 80% of salary plus 10% to super, comes with a minimum waiting period of just 14 days and has a broader definition of ‘salary’ meaning that more components of your income, such as overtime and bonuses are included in calculating your benefit. This is in contrast to some other competitors who service the energy and electrical industry. Some competitors do not offer default income protection insurance, cover less of a member’s salary, have a waiting period of up to 30 days and a narrow definition of ‘salary’5.

Brighter Super tailors cover for those working in the energy and electrical industry and this cover was judged to be Money magazine’s ‘Best-Value Income Protection in Super for Men 2023’ at the "Best of the Best awards".

Brighter Relationship Manager Stacey Watson said: “Being on the ground every day, we see real cases where one-person businesses would have closed due to an injury were it not for our income protection insurance. You simply cannot underestimate the risk in the work that electrical and energy workers do. We know tailored and adequate insurance is needed and that is exactly what we provide for members”.

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1. The Subject to the legislation which requires that the member is aged 25 or older and has an account balance of at least $6000.

2 Some members may only be eligible to receive limited default cover which excludes cover for claims arising directly or indirectly from pre-existing conditions. Limited cover will generally apply to members not At Work when default cover commences or if joining as Public Offer member. Please refer to the Insurance Guide – Energy Industry to the PDS for more details on Limited Cover, including exclusions to cover.

3 If your employer pays for the full cost of your default insurance cover, subject to ‘At Work’ requirement and your first employer contribution is received within 120 days of starting with Brighter Super Employer or within 120 days of employer becoming a Brighter Super Employer. Refer to Insurance Guide – Energy Industry for more details If your employer doesn’t pay for the full cost of your default insurance cover but is an Energy Industry Employer, you may be covered for pre-existing conditions after meeting certain criteria. Please refer to the Insurance Guide – Energy Industry to the PDS for more details on Limited Cover.

This summary is based on comparing the Income Protection Insurance from Brighter Super’s ‘Insurance Guide – Energy Industry’ dated 30 September 2022 and Cbus Super’s Income Protection Guide dated 30 September 2022 for their ‘electech occupation category’. Please note for Brighter Super, if you hold Limited Cover, this does not cover pre-existing conditions. See the Brighter Super ‘Insurance Guide – Energy Industry’ for exclusions and qualification requirements of the Default Standard Income Protection cover.

5 With Cbus industry super insurance, all eligible occupations can get income protection cover for up to 75% base salary + 10% super if the individual applies, and is approved, for such cover.