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We’re consistently rated as one of Australia’s best-value super funds, and we do that without cutting corners – we offer consistently reliable investment returns, great customer service and a wide range of investment options.

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When it comes to super, there are so many things to weigh up – returns, fees, service, insurance and advice, to name just a few.

As a members-first fund, Brighter Super exists only to serve our members, not shareholders. We work hard to keep our fees as low as possible, and we deliver strong long-term investment returns.

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How your super performs over the years is a major factor in how much money you’ll have in retirement. With such a wide range of investment options to choose from, it can be difficult working out what option (or combination of options) is right for you. 

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The amount of fees charged by your fund can also help determine how much money you’re left with. After all, the higher the fees, the more your super gets eaten away. As we're not owned by a bank or other big financial institution, we're effectively owned by our members. That means we only charge fees to cover the costs of running the fund and we work hard to keep our fees as low as possible.

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Delivering solid value to our members

We are consistently recognised for our reliable and solid investment returns, competitive insurance and a trusted range of products and services.

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Platinum rating 2022

For the fourteenth year in a row, we were awarded a Platinum rating by SuperRatings (the highest possible).

Chant West Accumulation

Our Accumulation account has been awarded 5 Apples (the highest possible) by Chant West in 2022.

Chant West Pension

Our Pension account has been awarded 5 Apples (the highest possible) by Chant West in 2022.

We've been trusted as the super fund for Queensland's local government for more than 50 years.

Now, anyone can join and benefit from our award-winning service, consistent returns and highly-competitive fees.

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We’re here to make things easy and help you get the most from your super so you can enjoy a better lifestyle in the years ahead.

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