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Super clearing house

Submitting super contributions to multiple funds can often be complicated, time consuming and expensive. A clearing house allows you to make contributions for all your employees to any number of super funds with just one payment, including to self managed super funds (SMSFs).

Brighter Super’s clearing house is an easy to use online system that lets you submit super contributions for all your employees to any number of funds in one simple transaction.

Who can use Brighter Super’s clearing house?

If you’re an employer (excluding local government), the clearing house is ideal for making contributions to Brighter Super. Through the clearing house, you can make super contributions for all your employees, including those who want their super paid to funds other than Brighter Super.

Queensland local government employers

Local government employers use a different clearing house which is not used by other Brighter Super employers.

Some employers will also use our EASE system to make payments. This is not available to new employers of the fund.

What are the benefits?

  • It's SuperStream compliant
  • It’s efficient, cost effective and easy to use
  • No need to complete contribution remittance forms
  • Postage and cheque costs are eliminated
  • Many of the steps involved with making payments are automated and validated, which reduces the risk of errors and returned payments
  • You enjoy easy, online access to your payment history and reference details
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How does it work?

Simply provide the super contribution details for all your employees in the Brighter Super clearing house. You can manually enter information or upload a file directly from your payroll system.

The payment instructions you submit are collated and you make one payment to the Brighter Super clearing house for all your employees. This can be done by transferring the funds to the Brighter Super clearing house via an EFT payment. The clearing house then arranges for the relevant remittance advices and contribution amounts to be distributed to the eligible funds.

How can I register for Brighter Super’s clearing house?

Sign up for the Brighter Super clearing house. It’s that simple.

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