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KiwiSaver Transfers

Open a Brighter Super account today. We’re one of only a few super funds in Australia that allow you to transfer your full balance over to an Australian fund. See below for how to get started now.

Follow these steps for your KiwiSaver Transfer

Step 1

Request your KiwiSaver Transfer Starter email from Brighter Super. Complete the easy form on this page.

Step 2

Join Brighter Super. You will need your Brighter Super member number to commence the transfer.

Step 3

Contact your KiwiSaver fund to obtain their Trans-Tasman-Portability form and any specific requirements they may have.

Step 4

Complete and return the Trans-Tasman-Portability form to your KiwiSaver fund along with your ‘Brighter Super Welcome Letter’ and our ‘KiwiSaver Letter of Compliance’.

Step 5

To complete transfer to your Brighter Super account, please email confirmation from your KiwiSaver fund to Brighter Super.

“The Brighter Super team has been helping New Zealanders transfer their KiwiSavers for many years.”

Request our KiwiSaver Transfer Starter email

Receive all the information and steps you need to begin your transfer with us.

Brighter Super respects your privacy. All personal information collected is protected in line with our Privacy Policy.

Transfer your KiwiSaver to Australia with Brighter Super

This video explains the five easy steps in the process.

FAQs for KiwiSaver Transfers

  • How can I start the process? What information do I need?

    Request our Kiwisaver Transfer Starter email by filling out the easy form on this web page (located just above these FAQs). You will then instantly receive an email from Brighter Super with the steps and information required to complete your KiwiSaver transfer with us.

  • Is there a cost to transfer my KiwiSaver to Brighter Super?

    Brighter Super doesn't charge you any fees to transfer your KiwiSaver account to your Brighter Super account. However, please be aware that your transfer will be adjusted based on the exchange rate on the day we receive the funds. You will also need to check with your KiwiSaver if there are any fees to transfer funds or close your KiwiSaver account. If the amount you are transferring is over $120,000 AUD you may exceed the non-concessional cap and may have to pay contributions tax. 

  • How long does it take to transfer my KiwiSaver to Brighter Super?

    You can join Brighter Super online in less than 5 minutes. However, the KiwiSaver transfer process can take approximately 4-6 weeks. Once you have completed all the transfer steps and we finalise the transfer, we will send you a letter confirming the details of the account that holds your KiwiSaver funds, the amount transferred from your KiwiSaver account and date we received the funds.

  • Does Brighter Super have any conditions regarding KiwiSaver transfer?

    You are required to open a Brighter Super account, and then you can contact your KiwiSaver to start the transfer process. Once the funds are transferred to your Brighter Super account, if at a later date you choose to leave the Fund for any reason, we can only transfer these funds back to either a KiwiSaver or another fund that accepts KiwiSaver transfers.

  • What is the non-concessional cap and how could it affect my KiwiSaver transfer?

    Your KiwiSaver transfer will be treated as a non-concessional (personal) contribution. What this means is the amount of funds you transfer from your KiwiSaver will be subject to the Australian non-concessional cap, which from 1 July 2021 has a limit of $110,000 AUD. If your KiwiSaver transfer amount exceeds this amount, you will be required to pay excess contributions tax to the ATO. For full details on the non-concessional contributions cap, visit the ATO website.

  • How do I move my other Australian superannuation funds to Brighter Super?

    If you have multiple Australian superannuation accounts, consolidating your super into Brighter Super could save you from paying multiple sets of fees and make it easier to keep track of your super. Remember you will need to use your Brighter Super accumulation account details to consolidate your other Australian funds, not your Brighter Super KiwiSaver accumulation account. To transfer all your funds into your Brighter Super account, simply use our Consolidate your super tool online or visit MyGov to consolidate online through the ATO. Please check with your other funds about exit or withdrawal fees, or whether you’ll have any loss of services or benefits such as insurance before you rollover your super. If you’re unsure about what’s best for you, you can access expert financial advice from us.

  • Will Brighter Super keep my KiwiSaver balance separate to anything I've saved in Australia?

    Yes. KiwiSaver accounts transferred to Australia are still subject to the New Zealand requirements for release, like preservation age, once held by an Australian superannuation fund. This is why Brighter Super will open a specific KiwiSaver account to keep your balance transferred from New Zealand separate to anything accrued in Australia. Contributions from your employer in Australia, salary sacrificed contributions and personal contributions made by you will go to a Brighter Super Accumulation account which is subject to the Australian preservation age and requirements for release. Brighter Super members do not pay additional fees for having more than one account.

    For more information on Brighter Super's Accumulation account download the PDS, or visit the webpage.

  • Can I use my KiwiSaver transfer for First Home Super Saver (FHSS) Scheme?

    KiwiSaver funds transferred to an Australian superannuation fund are generally considered to be eligible contributions under the FHSS scheme. For more information please visit the ATO website or contact the ATO directly. Ultimately the application and assessment process for release under the FHSS scheme is facilitated through the ATO, and therefore Brighter Super is not able to advise as to whether you will be entitled to withdraw your KiwiSaver for this purpose.

  • When did Energy Super change to Brighter Super?

    On 19/9/22 Energy Super changed to Brighter Super. All Energy Super members became Brighter Super members. Just like Energy Super, Brighter Super also accepts KiwiSaver transfers, and we still have the same experienced team who has been helping New Zealanders with their KiwiSaver transfers for many years.

  • What if I previously joined Energy Super before I started my KiwiSaver transfer? Can I still transfer my KiwiSaver to Brighter Super?

    Yes. You will have a new member number for Brighter Super. To complete your KiwiSaver transfer, just follow the same steps outlined on this page, and supply your KiwiSaver provider with our Brighter Super Welcome letter and Brighter Super KiwiSaver Letter of Compliance. You can request our KiwiSaver Transfer starter email on this page which includes all the steps to assist.

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