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What is your ideal level of insurance?

If you were too sick or injured to work, insurance can protect you and your family by helping you afford your day-to-day living expenses and other financial commitments.

First published: October 4

Here is a summary of the types of death, disability and terminal illness benefits we offer our members:

  • Death, Terminal Illness and Total and Permanent Disablement – a one-off lump-sum payment of the money in your superannuation account, plus any insurance cover upon your death, diagnosis of a terminal illness or if you are totally and permanently disabled due to sickness or injury.
  • Death and Terminal Illness – a one-off lump sum payment of the money in your superannuation account, plus any insurance cover upon your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.
  • Income Protection – a benefit up to 75% of your monthly salary paid to you for up to two years to replace part of your income if you become totally or partially disabled due to sickness or injury. Benefits are payable monthly in arrears after a waiting period.

Online calculators now available

Check out LGIAsuper’s new online calculators to help you understand what level of cover might be best for you, and how much this will cost.

We offer members two calculators. You can get a quick estimate, or a complete estimate based on more of your details. You’ll find both calculators on our website  – visit Insurance.

There are seven keys factors to consider when setting your insurance:

  • Partner’s income
  • Assets
  • Your dependents, i.e. children under 18 or a non-working spouse
  • Home ownership
  • Living expenses
  • Debt
  • Risk of job and lifestyle

Update your insurance online

You can now review and update your insurance details online – just log into Member online

Recent additions to our online services let you do the following:

  • View your existing insurance cover profile
  • Increase, decrease, transfer or cancel your insurance cover
  • Convert or fix your insurance cover
  • Make a claim
  • Change your occupational risk rating

For detailed information about your insurance cover, download our Insurance Guide [PDF 2.5MB]

Need advice?

We’re here to help. To discuss your insurance options you can book an appointment with a specialist advisor.

If you would like further information, or to book an appointment with an advisor, please contact us on
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