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View or change your insurance cover

You can view, change or cancel your current level of insurance cover online.

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Information to help you

Before changing your cover, it is  important that you refer to the relevant Insurance guide.

Separate guides are available for Defined Benefit members.

You can also use our insurance calculators to find out what level of cover might be best for you, and how much this will cost.

Life changes

Life can change quickly. You may be going through some big changes such as marriage, divorce, a new child, taking out a mortgage, or the death of your spouse.

Some life events enable you to increase insurance cover without having to provide evidence of good health.

Details about eligibility and conditions are available in the relevant Insurance guide.

Reducing or cancelling cover

If you decide you have more cover than you need, Brighter Super gives you the flexibility to reduce your cover or cancel it altogether. If you cancel your cover and decide later that you would like it again, your application may include having to provide evidence of good health.

Information on reducing or cancelling your cover is available in the relevant Insurance guide.

If you want to cancel your cover, you can do this in two ways:

If you hold insurance in your Optimiser account and want to reduce your cover, complete and submit the Optimiser Application to reduce insurance cover form.

Choose a fixed amount of cover

You can fix your number of units of cover at any time.

You can also fix your insurance to a dollar amount, if you’re age 61 years or under.

There are conditions and restrictions around fixing cover. For further information, please refer to the relevant Insurance guide.

Applying or increasing cover

Energy Industry

You can apply or increase cover by completing your application online.


You can apply or increase cover by completing and submitting the Optimiser insurance application form. Your application will be subject to underwriting.

Note: If you are in Local Government & Associated Industries, you can apply or increase cover online via Member Online.

Information on this page is focused on Accumulation accounts. 

If you have a Defined Benefit account your insurance cover is different – guides related to your fund are available on our Defined benefits page.