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Spouse contributions

Adding to your partner’s super can be a great way to boost their balance and benefit from a tax offset.

How much is the tax offset?

If your partner is under 75 you can pay into their Brighter Super account. To learn about the eligibility criteria, please read the Accumulation account PDS.

Depending on your partner’s income, you could benefit from a tax offset of up to $540. The offset is calculated as 18% on the first $3,000 contributed.

The contribution must come from your after-tax income (it can’t be an employer contribution or claimed as a tax deduction).

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The Gender Super Gap

Women in the workforce are often paid less than men and tend to have interrupted working lives due to caring for children or elderly relatives.

As a result, women have on average much lower super balances than men and retire with less money.

To help you bridge the gap, read strategies for growing your super, even when you’re working part-time or out of the workforce.

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Split your contributions

You may be able to split your pre-tax contributions (including employer and salary sacrificed payments) with your partner.



Get some advice on spouse contributions

Like to learn more about how spouse contributions work and how they could benefit you and your partner? Let us know and one of our advisers will be in touch.
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Consolidate your super

Save on fees and hassles by bringing all your accounts across to Brighter Super.

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Know your limits

Find out about the different types of contributions and the limits on each per year.

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Use Member Online

See how simple Member online makes it to contribute to your spouse’s account.