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Super co-contribution

Some low or middle-income earners may benefit from a government top-up of their super contributions.

The government co-contribution is paid to individuals who make a personal super contribution and don’t claim a tax deduction.

How much is the co-contribution?

The co-contribution is paid at 50c of each dollar contributed up to a maximum of $500. To qualify for the maximum co-contribution, you need to contribute $1,000 and have total income below $42,016 1.

Once total income exceeds $42,016 , the co-contribution decreases by 3.333 cents in every dollar paid into super. It cuts out completely when total income reaches $57,016.

1For the purposes of the super co-contribution, total income is assessable income plus reportable fringe benefits plus reportable employer super contributions.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for a super co-contribution, if:

  • more than 10% of your total income is from employment or carrying on a business
  • you have lodged an income tax return
  • non-concessional contributions don't exceed the relevant contributions cap
  • your total super balance is less than the general transfer balance cap (currently $1.7 million)
  • you are less than 75 years old.

How is the co-contribution paid?

You don’t need to lodge a claim for the co-contribution.

The Australian Tax Office will assess your eligibility once you lodge your Income Tax Return and pay any amount due into your Brighter Super account. The co-contribution doesn’t count towards your taxable income.

Other help for low-income earners

The government’s Low Income Super Tax Offset (LISTO) may also help low income earners who make personal super contributions.

Read more about the Low Income Super Tax Offset

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