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Benefits of Registering with Brighter Super

As a registered Brighter Super adviser, you will have access to:

  • Adviser Online, where you can view your client’s accounts, access client correspondence, view investment information, generate income stream schedules.
  • Limited transaction authority on client accounts, allowing you to make investment switches and change pension payment amounts and frequencies on their behalf
  • Fixed term, one off and ongoing advice fees from your client’s Brighter Super account

Register as an Adviser with Brighter Super

To access Adviser Online, you must first be registered as an Adviser with us. To do this please complete the steps below:

Note: Only individually named advisers will have access to Adviser Online. Please register in your individual name (registrations under a company name cannot be accepted).

  • Once your registration with Brighter Super has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to register for the Adviser Online portal. This will also allow you to select your preferred multi-factor authentication method (SMS or email).
  • You can then invite your clients to complete our Appoint or change adviser form (A04) to nominate you as their listed adviser. This form will also give your clients with the option to provide you with limited transaction authority on their account.

It is important to note that your existing third party information only authorities will not be visible on Adviser Online. They will continue to remain in place until their two year expiry has elapsed. Clients who have nominated you as their listed adviser on Adviser Online will remain in force until we are notified otherwise.

Adviser Online FAQs

  • How do I access Brighter Super Adviser Online?

    Brighter Super Adviser Online is only available to Advisers who have already registered with Brighter Super and have received a Brighter Super Adviser Client ID.

    Once registered, you will receive an email with your details, and instructions to login. You can then create your password. Once this has been completed, you can access Adviser Online by Logging On

  • How do I register as an Adviser with Brighter Super?

    Your AFS Licensee will need to complete the Adviser registration form (A03) with your details. Once this has been processed by Brighter Super, you will receive an email with your new Adviser numbers and instructions to register for Brighter Super Adviser Online. If your AFS Licensee is not already registered with Brighter Super they would need to complete the AFS Licensee registration form (A02)
  • I have a third-party authority (TPA) on a Brighter Super account/s. Can I access this member on the Adviser portal without doing anything else?

    No. Authority to release information (MS01) and/or third-party authority access provides phone access to member accounts via the call centre only.

    To view your members online, your member/s should complete the Appoint or change your adviser (A04) form to appoint you as their ongoing listed adviser.

  • What is my username?

    Your username will either be your Adviser Client ID or your registered email address.

    You can select your preferred username once you have logged in for the first time, under the ‘Your details’ menu.

    If you have multiple accounts, you will only be able to use your email as username on one account.

  • What can I access under Adviser Online?

    Once logged in as an adviser, you will see a list of your linked members. This will display:

    • Member name
    • Member number (Client ID)
    • Account type (e.g., Accum, Pension, Optimiser)
    • Account number
    • View or Transact (depending on member permissions)
    • VIEW – link to Member online account
  • Can I transact on member’s accounts via Adviser Online?

    Standard adviser login will provide you with View only access to your linked member accounts.

    This includes the ability to view all member correspondence and request information about the member’s account.

    For the ability to perform certain transactions, your client will need to complete section 4 on the Appoint or change adviser form (A04) form, authorising you to transact on their behalf via Adviser Online.

    This will allow you to:

    • Make additional contributions
    • Change current & future investment strategies
    • Change pension payment amounts & frequency
    • Request information about a members’ account and copies of any documents provided by us in relation to it.

    What advisers cannot do:

    • Request a withdrawal or transfer benefits
    • Request a payment to someone other than the member
    • Appoint other authorised third parties
    • Change any fees or charges
    • Change bank account details for withdrawals or payments
    • Change member contact details.
  • Can I create a new member account via Adviser Online?

    At this stage, online applications are not available to advisers. However, if you select ‘Open a new member account’ from the Home menu, you will be directed to our PDF application form and Product Disclosure Statement, where you can assist your member in completing the form, as well as nominate yourself as the listed adviser and, with the appropriate Consent, facilitate advice fees.

    We hope to have online applications available in future updates of Adviser Online.

  • How do I update my contact details?

    You can update your adviser contact details in Adviser Online. Select ‘Your details’ from the top menu, and you can update contact details and change your password from there.

  • I have forgotten my password, can you please help me get in?

    For forgotten passwords, you can simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login page to receive a security code to your nominated email or SMS. Once you have entered your security code you will be prompted to reset your password.