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Brighter together

Delivering streamlined investment options and low fees to members

As a 100% member-owned fund, Brighter Super is dedicated to providing you with value to help you retire with confidence. We would like to thank you for your membership.

Brighter Super has been on a journey of transformation, realising the benefits of our mergers with a continuing commitment to being ‘brighter together’.

So, we are pleased to let you know that from 31 May 2024, we are making some important changes to your fee arrangements and investment options. These changes are designed to help you grow your retirement savings, in line with our commitment to improve our service offering and reduce costs. The changes will also allow us to make further fee reductions for most members in January 2025.

The information below is only a summary of some of the changes which may impact you. Please refer to our April 2024 Significant Event Notice for full details of all the changes and to understand how these changes may affect you.

You can also view our short video below featuring Brighter Super CEO, Kate Farrar, and retirement advocate, David ‘Kochie’ Koch.

What is changing?

We’re creating a single set of options

From 31 May 2024, we are streamlining our investment options into one investment menu for all members. This will make it easier for you to understand the investment options available to you when deciding how you like your superannuation to be invested.

To create a single set of investment options, we reviewed all options provided by the Fund. We evaluated and compared similar options for Brighter Super and Optimiser accounts for performance, fee structure and management.

As a result of this review, we determined that it was in members’ best interests to close selected investment options. Members invested in the closing options will be switched to similar, continuing investment options with a history of better performance on 31 May 2024. We will send you a confirmation when the investment switch has been completed.

Below is our new set of investment options available from 31 May 2024.


We’re changing certain fees and improving fee transparency

From 31 May 2024, members will benefit from fee reductions across most of our investment options, including:

  • For Brighter Super accounts, changing the disclosure of the administration fee to a direct fee deducted monthly from your account rather than reducing your allocated investment return.
  • For Brighter Super Optimiser members invested in the MySuper option, changing the disclosure of the administration fee to a direct fee deducted monthly from your account rather than reducing your allocated investment return. The administration fee for all other Brighter Super Optimiser investment options is already disclosed in this way. 
  • For Brighter Super Optimiser accounts, changing the percentage-based administration fee for all investment options to 0.18% (except for the MySuper option, which is already 0.18%). This change does not apply to members who are Suncorp Group employees.
  • For Brighter Super Optimiser accounts, reducing the administration fee cap from $2,950 to $900 per financial year for all investment options (excluding the MySuper option, which is already capped at $900 per financial year). This change is effective from 31 May 2024 with a prorated adjustment for the remainder of this financial year (2023/24). The full fee cap will take effect from 1 July 2024. 

What do you need to do?

You do not need to do anything, but if you would like to review or change your investment option(s), you can do so at any time by logging in to your Member Online account.

Please note that switches processed between 31 May and 2 June 2024 may take 4-5 days to display on your account.

If you are considering a change to how your super is invested, talking to a financial adviser can help. If you do not already have a financial adviser, Brighter Super’s in-house team of financial advisers are here to help you.

Or if you have general questions about the changes, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section below or contact us.

  • Why have the number of units in my account changed?

    On 31 May 2024, we streamlined our investment options by reducing the number of available choices from 32 to 11, creating a single set of options. We also renamed some of our continuing options, for example, the Brighter Super Growth option was switched to the Multi-Manager High Growth Fund which was renamed as Growth in line with the Brighter Super option names.

    We communicated to members about these important changes in April 2024. A copy of the notice can be found at or by logging in to Member Online at under Statements and Letters.

    On 31 May 2024, the investment options were switched using the unit prices of 30 May 2024, for the current option and the new option to which the option was being switched to.

    Differences in unit prices between options will result in a difference in units. For example, a member with $50,000 invested in the Growth option had 20,116.0778 units at the unit price of $2.485574 on 30 May 2024.

    The Growth option was switched to the Multi-Manager High Growth Fund (renamed Growth) using the 30 May 2024 unit price of $3.607856 resulting in 13,858.6462 units valued at $50,000.

    To view daily unit prices visit our website.

  • What were the unit prices used in my investment switch?

    The unit prices that were used for the switch can be found in the following table.

    Accumulation Options
    Legacy Option Name NAV Price Target Option Name NAV Price New Option Name
    Stable Accumulation 3.470028 Multi Mgr Conservative Fund 2.271502 Stable Accumulation
    Conservative Balanced Accumulation 4.154421 Multi Manager Balanced Fund 3.296888 Conservative Balanced Accumulation
    Growth Accumulation 2.485574 Multi Mgr High Growth Fund 3.607856 Growth Accumulation
    Cash Fund 1.228888 Cash Enhanced Accumulation 2.007654 Cash Accumulation
    Aust listed Prop Index Fund 33.402530 Property Accumulation 1.88416 Property Accumulation
    Global Property Fund 1.196588
    Ironbark Paladin Prop Sec 4.743937
    Balanced Accumulation 2.161538 Multi Manager Growth Fund 3.536134 Balanced Accumulation
    Socially Responsible Accumulation 2.608760
    International Shares Accumulation 3.973921 Intl Shares Multi Manager 5.73015 International Shares Accumulation
    International Shares Fund 2.353688
    Walter Scott Global Eq Fund 4.016238
    Australian Fixed Interest Fund 21.775597 Diversified Fixed Interest Accumulation 1.211092 Fixed Interest Accumulation
    Vanguard Intl FI Index Fund 1.562633
    Vanguard Australian FI Index 1.567710
    First Sentier Wholesale Global Credit Income Fund 2.325945
    Aust Shares Multi Mgr Fund 3.685096 Australian Shares Accumulation 6.086891 Australian Shares Accumulation
    Australian Shares Value Fund 1.740034
    Hyperion Aust Growth Com Fund 2.466005
    Ausbil Aus Emerging Lenders 4.467854
    Pendal Imputation 3.539668
    Australian Shares Fund 2.019628
    Socially Responsible Australian Shares Accumulation 2.085901
    Pension Options
    Legacy Option Name NAV Price Target Option Name NAV Price New Option Name
    Stable Pension 4.457270 Pen MultiMgr Conservative Fund 2.567857 Stable Pension
    Conservative Balanced Pension 5.482638 Pen MultiManager Balanced Fund 3.836432 Conservative Balanced Pension
    Growth Pension 2.711172 Pen Multi Manager High Growth Fund 4.525881 Growth Pension
    Pension Cash Fund 1.270175 Cash Enhanced Pension 2.265513 Cash Pension
    Pen Aust listed Prop Index 1.511489 Property Pension 1.986943 Property Pension
    Pension Global Property Fund 1.192151
    Pen Ironbark Paladin Prop Sec 5.058986
    Balanced Pension 2.308631 Pen Multi-Manager Growth Fund 4.135036 Balanced Pension
    Socially Responsible Pension 2.775621
    International Shares Pension 4.329626 Pen Intl Shares Multi Mgr Fund 6.83336 International Shares Pension
    Pen International Shares Fund 2.444080
    Pen Walter Scott Global Eq 4.368272
    Pen Aust Fixed Interest Fund 1.094082 Diversified Fixed Interest Pension 1.203829 Fixed Interest Pension
    Pen Vanguard Intl FI Index 1.671265
    Pen Vanguard Aus FI Index 1.668103
    Pen First Sentier Wholesale Global Credit Income Fund 2.590260
    Pen Aust Shares Multi Mgr Fund 4.388428 Australian Shares Pension 7.629178 Australian Shares Pension
    Pen Aust Shares Value Fund 1.878220
    Pen Hyperion Aus Growth Com 2.536800
    Pen Ausbil Aus Emerging Lender 5.033767
    Pension Pendal Imputation 4.333397
    Pen Australian Shares Fund 2.130021
    Socially Responsible Australian Shares Pension 2.280747
  • Am I required to do anything?

    If you are invested in one of the closing investment options, you are not required to do anything. You will be automatically switched to the new option effective 31 May 2024.

    If you would like to change your investment option(s) prior to 31 May 2024, you can do so by logging in to Member Online or submitting an investment switch form (which we would need to receive prior to 3.00 pm on Thursday 30 May 2024).

  • Can I select a different investment option?

    You can switch some or all of your balance out of a closing investment option by logging in to Member Online and completing an online switch, or submitting an investment switch form (which we would need to receive prior to 3.00 pm on Thursday 30 May 2024).

    Completing an online switch is preferred as it ensures the switch will be effective the same business day. When switching investments using the investment switch form, the switch will not be effective until the form is received by Brighter Super.

    Of course, you can also switch investment options at any time after 31 May 2024, using the new set of investment options.

  • What will happen to my future contributions?

    Any contributions received on or after 31 May 2024 that would have been allocated to the closing investment options will be invested in the replacement options, unless you change your future investment strategy.

  • How will this affect my pension payments?

    From June 2024, any proportion of pension payments that were funded from the closing options will be funded from the replacement options, unless you change your pension payment strategy.

  • Are there any changes to the Asteron Capital Guaranteed option?

    No, there are no changes to this option and it will remain closed.