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No-one understands the energy industry like we do.

Brighter Super is the not-for-profit industry fund that offers competitive fees, tailored insurance and personal service to suit the needs of energy workers

Thousands of energy workers are taking advantage of our low fees, strong performance and personalised service.

Why energy workers choose Brighter Super

Our insurance is for energy workers like you

Our members who work in the energy and electrical sector, typically receive income protection insurance included as part of their membership with our fund.*

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Brighter Super is right by its members side in service

Our name is really an obvious promise for what we do – we are committed to brighter returns and delivering retirement outcomes for our members.

Our lower fees mean more money in your super

As a not-for-profit industry fund, we work hard to keep the cost down of managing your super.

Brighter Super shines as Queensland's top performing MySuper option in an industry fund

10.62% returns for MySuper in 2022/2023*

Our heritage: Supporting the energy industry for 40 years

Brighter Super continues Energy Super's proud heritage in the energy and electrical sector.

Our energy industry partners

We have strong partnerships with MEA, The Services Union, Mates in Energy, Electrogroup, PEER and NECA, among others.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why doesn’t the Brighter Super brand have the ISA logo (Industry SuperFunds) like some other super funds?

    The Industry SuperFunds (ISA) Joint Marketing program is an initiative that funds pay to be part of. We decided not to continue this partnership with Brighter Super, which was a decision that considered the benefits for our members against the annual costs involved. This decision put the financial interests of our members first, which is always our priority as a profit-for-members group.
  • What does this mean?

    It means Brighter Super cannot use the ISA logo in marketing or branding and will not be one of the brands included with 11 other funds in the ISA Joint Marketing Program.
  • We are still involved with Industry Super Australia?

    Yes. Industry Super Holdings (ISH) is the parent company of entities such as ISA Joint Marketing Program (Industry SuperFunds) and IFM Investors. Our fund is a shareholder in ISH, with a holding worth approximately $16.4m. Our investment team also uses IFM Investors to manage portfolios in Bonds and Global Equities.
  • Does this mean Brighter Super is still the brand for the energy industry?

    Yes. Brighter Super is proud of its heritage as the fund for the energy industry. We continue to run our group with the same ethos, purely to profit our members. Brighter Super has retained its energy industry members and partners and we sponsor and support other partnerships in the electrical industry, including Mates in Energy, as well as MEA (Master Electricians Association) and NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association), among others.

SuperRatings Platinum ratings 2023

For the 15th year in a row, SuperRatings has awarded Platinum ratings (highest possible) to Brighter Super for its Accumulation (MyChoice) and Pension categories

Best-Value MySuper Product 2023

Brighter Super was judged to be Money magazine's Best-Value MySuper Product 2023 at its Best of the Best awards

Best-Value Income Protection in Super for Men 2023

Brighter Super's tailored cover for those working in the energy and electrical industry was judged to be Money magazine's Best-Value Income Protection in Super for Men 2023 at its Best of the Best Awards


* Subject to the legislation which requires that the member is aged 25 or older and has an account balance of at least $6,000. Some members may only be eligible to receive limited automatic, default cover which excludes cover for claims arising directly or indirectly from pre-existing conditions. This will generally apply to members not At Work when default cover commences or if joining as Public Offer member. Please refer to the Insurance Guide and the Product Disclosure Statement for more details on Limited Cover, including exclusions to cover.