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Switch investment options

You can switch investment options as many times as you wish during the financial year.

Brighter Super reserves the right to limit the number of investment switch requests received from a member where the number submitted is considered unreasonable. Remember that super is generally a long-term investment, and by changing investment options often you might reduce your overall investment return.

There is no fee to switch between investment options.

Choose your investments carefully

Have you considered:

  • the likely investment return of your chosen investment option/s?
  • the level of risk you are taking?
  • how long you are investing for?
  • if you are selecting more than one investment option, the overall asset allocation and risk profile the combination of options will produce?

It's important to review your investment strategy regularly, especially if you select more than one investment option. We will not automatically rebalance your investment and the different options you have will grow at different earning rates, with different levels of volatility

Delivering streamlined investment options and low fees to members

Since our merger with Suncorp Super (SPSL), we have operated two separate sets of investment options – one for members with Brighter Super accounts, and one for former Suncorp Super members with Optimiser accounts. Combined, this is a total of 32 investment options.

From 31 May 2024, we will be streamlining our investment options and will offer one set of investment options for all members. To create a single set, we have reviewed all options provided by the fund. We have evaluated and compared similar options for Brighter Super and Optimiser accounts for performance, fee structure and management.

Members will also benefit from fee reductions across most of our investment options. We have additionally made changes to administration fees and introduced a consistent cap, so that no member will pay more than $900 in administration fees per financial year.

For more information on all the changes taking effect on 31 May 2024, visit and to watch a short explanatory video featuring Brighter Super CEO, Kate Farrar, and retirement advocate, David ‘Kochie’ Koch.

Switching investment options

You can change your investment option at any time by logging in to your Member Online account or by completing the Investment Switch Form below.

Members invested in closing options will be automatically switched to new comparable options on 31 May 2024, which will be processed using the unit prices of 30 May 2024.

Please note that switches processed between 31 May and 2 June 2024 will take 4-5 days to display on accounts. The switch will use the unit price for the day your switch request was received as outlined on our website at

How do I switch investments?

Switch online

You can review and change your investments in Member Online.


Switch on paper

Complete and return an investment switch form.

If you have a Brighter Super account:

If you have an Optimiser account:


Can I choose more than one investment option?

Yes. You have the flexibility to invest in one investment option or build your own investment mix by choosing a range of options for your existing account balance and/or future contributions.

Investment switch timings

The timings for an investment switch request are listed below (from 13 June 2022).

Days 1-3 represent business days which are Monday to Friday, excluding national public holidays.


Business day 1: Investment switch request received

Your request must be received by Brighter Super before 3.00 pm (AEST) to be considered received that day.

Requests received after 3.00 pm (AEST) are considered received the next business day.


Business day 2: Investment switch request processed

Your request is processed using the unit prices for the day that your request was considered received (the effective date).

The applicable unit price will be applied to your current investment option(s) before switching into your new selected investment option(s).


Business day 3: Transaction confirmed

The transaction and unit price applied will be displayed on your account in Member Online.

You will also receive confirmation via email or post.


The table below shows some examples of timings for an investment switch request.

Example of a day that a request is submitted

Day that the request is considered received by Brighter Super
(business day 1)

Day that the investment switch is processed
(business day 2)

Day that the investment switch is displayed in Member Online
(business day 3)

Tuesday 2.00 pm


Wednesday, using Tuesday’s unit price


Tuesday 6.00 pm


Thursday, using Wednesday’s unit price


Saturday or Sunday (anytime)


Tuesday, using Monday’s unit price


Monday public holiday


Wednesday, using Tuesday’s unit price



Can I cancel my switch?

If you change your mind, your switch can be cancelled as long as we receive your cancellation by 3.00 pm AEST on the day your instruction was submitted.

  • Online switch: if you have made an investment switch online you can cancel your switch directly through Member Online.
  • Paper switch: if you completed an Investment switch form, you should cancel your switch in writing (by fax, email or post).

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