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Are you on track to a healthy retirement?

LGIAsuper's retirement income calculator can help you put things into perspective.

LGIAsuper Retirement Income Calculator

First published: 2 August 2019

The LGIAsuper retirement calculator can be used to provide you with an estimate of your superannuation balance at your selected retirement age (in today's dollars, which means results are adjusted for inflation including the expected rise in living standards).

In this way the calculator allows you to project how changes to your circumstances (such as how much you contribute, how your super is invested, the fees you pay, the date you retire) could make a difference to your retirement.

It also allows you to estimate your retirement income which will depend on various factors, including:

  • the amount and frequency of regular pension payments made
  • any Government Age Pension you are expected to receive
  • your partner's circumstances

The results produced by this calculator are based on some key general assumptions.

Access the retirement calculator here and make sure you are on track to a healthy retirement today.