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Aussie investments build a brighter future for Australia

Aussie investments build a brighter future for Australia 

26 January 2023

This Australia Day, Brighter Super members can celebrate knowing their superannuation is working to build their retirement future as well as a better Australia.

As a group, Brighter Super manages $29 billion in investments on behalf of approximately 259,000 members (as at 30 June 2022).

The fund continually invests where members live and work with dozens of Australian-owned assets proudly making up the fund’s portfolio.

The fund’s key infrastructure investments include some of the nation’s busiest airports and a 154-hectare parcel of land that is home to some of Australia’s favourite theme parks, including Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild.

Brighter Super Chief Investments Officer Mark Rider said the fund’s investment into Australian-owned infrastructure, property and energy assets offered significant advantages.

“Brighter Super has made the commitment to work towards a better Australia and a better future for Australians,” he said.

“We invest in Australia through direct, private investment pathways, in ways that are not available to invest via share markets, along with providing some further diversification of risk and returns.”

Currently, Brighter Super holds investments in several renewable companies such as Waterloo Wind Farm and Tilt Renewables.

“One of the key benefits of investing privately in Australia is the ability to look beyond the short term,” Mr Rider said.  

“Our Australian investments are grounded in long-term returns and stability, with our responsibility being to our members who want a retirement future they can enjoy, and so the next generation can too.”

Brighter Super CEO Kate Farrar said the fund’s goal was to support its members and investing in Australian assets was crucial to achieving its long-term superannuation results.

“Our work to deliver excellent member outcomes while reducing costs was recognised by Brighter Super winning ‘2023 Best-Value MySuper Product’ and ‘2023 Best-Value Income Protection Insurance in Super – Men’ in December’s Money magazine Best of the Best awards,” she said.

Brighter Super was also nominated for the SuperRatings Momentum Award, which was given to a fund executing projects that will enhance its strategic position in coming yearsFor the fifteenth year in a row, Brighter Super's MyChoice (Accumulation) and Pension products were awarded a Platinum rating by SuperRatings for 2023 - the highest possible.

“We are a proud Australian fund, and as we continue to grow, our focus remains on helping build our fund and our country to support our members,” she said.

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