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Boutique super fund LGIAsuper stands out from the rest

Amid speculation of mergers and consolidation in the Australian superannuation industry, Queensland’s LGIAsuper is proud to be forging its own path as a boutique fund with a unique approach to investing for its members.


First published: July 5

LGIAsuper CEO Kate Farrar said that contrary to media speculation, LGIAsuper was not seeking opportunities to participate in the current consolidation of the superannuation industry.

She said the mid-sized fund, which was small enough to access niche markets, yet significant enough to make substantial investments, had not lost sight of its beginnings as a boutique fund. 

“LGIAsuper has a unique and very successful investment philosophy that has seen us performing in the top quartile of similar funds over the last financial year ending 31 May 2019,” Ms Farrar said.

 “This is because we have retained our strong member focus and a nimbleness that big funds struggle to match.

“Our fund has the size that enables us to pursue really interesting mid-market investment opportunities that generate solid returns for our members. These are the kinds of investments typically overlooked by the bigger funds.

“From agriculture in the US and property in the UK, to a range of local investments, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the best investment opportunities for our members.” 

This philosophy is a unique selling point for the boutique super fund that appeals strongly to high value members starting to think about retirement and wanting confidence that their fund’s investment strategy is going to protect them from market downturns, while taking advantage of the considerable growth opportunities in the mid-market.

Ms Farrar said that while the fund was consistently looking for ways to position itself and grow for the benefit of members, this did not involve merging with other funds. 

“Investment philosophies and cultures have to align to make a merger successful and we have consciously decided not to go down that path,” Ms Farrar said.

“Our investment philosophy would not translate to a big fund that is trying to be all things to all people. 

“On the other hand, cost savings delivered through operational and administration efficiencies allow you to deliver a competitive fee offer, and this is where we are focusing our attention right now.”

For more information on LGIAsuper’s unique investment philosophy, please call 1800 444 396 to speak with our friendly team.