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Charlie celebrates 50 years in local government

LGIAsuper member Charlie Ladd accepts his certificate for reaching 50 years with local government

Published 7 April 2021

After 50 years in local government, Brisbane City Council worker Charlie Ladd is finally celebrating his retirement, but instead of spending his time catching fish, he intends to show them off.

The LGIAsuper member and former Brisbane City Council (BCC) property asset coordinator spent 49 years steadily building his super nest egg, which has now allowed him to pursue his passion for waterway conservation. 
When he isn't playing grandad, Mr Ladd is on the road taking his pest fish tour to educate others about the invasive species. 
Mr Ladd joined BCC in 1971 as an apprentice coordinator and joiner before becoming a team leader undertaking projects focusing on developing job skills for Brisbane's unemployed.  
"During my time in the building construction area of Council, I was looking after apprentices and training the younger generation," Mr Ladd said.  
"As an ex-tradesperson, this was incredibly rewarding, especially running into them on a site a few years later and seeing how they've grown from their first day on the job to becoming qualified tradespeople." 
While he enjoyed his time at BCC, Mr Ladd said he is excited to spend his retirement with his family and dedicating more time to his roles with the Freshwater Fishing and Stocking Association of Queensland (FFSAQ). 
"I'm most excited about not having to get up at 5am to compete with traffic on the motorway and also focusing on my grandparent duties," Mr Ladd said.  
"As FFSAQ president and treasurer, I will continue engaging with rural and regional communities and educating them about riverine conservation through our Australian native and pest fish display trailer." 
The LGIAsuper team supported Mr Ladd through his transition from full-time work to retirement.  

In March 2021 Charlie met with LGIAsuper CEO Kate Farrar and was presented with a certificate of acknowledgement.

“This is an exceptional milestone for Charlie and at LGIAsuper we like to celebrate and honour our members who have been with local government for over 50 years,” Ms Farrar said.

"I would have to recommend LGIAsuper. They've done the right thing by me over the years and today is proof of that," Mr Ladd said.  

"The advice I've received over the past few years has been excellent and encouraged me not to make any rash decisions, which has allowed me to retire with peace of mind. 
"Whenever I wanted someone from the LGIAsuper team, I got them; they were there every step along the way."

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