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Check your super balance and contributions online at any time

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3 August 2023

Logging into Member Online gives you the information you need about your super whenever you need it.

You can view your balance and contributions, check that you're keeping under your contribution caps, update your details, manage your investments, and track your daily and long-term performance.

Brighter Super’s online services are secured by Multi-Factor Authentication and can be used on mobile and desktop devices.

If you are a Brighter Super member, you can access your account securely by logging into Member Online. You can also log in from our website's homepage.

Register for online access

If you have not used Member Online before, you can register for access in just a few minutes. Follow these steps for registration:

  • Visit Register for Member Online.
  • Enter your member number, name and date of birth – you will find your member number on correspondence from Brighter Super.
  • If that all matches up, you will be asked to set your password.
  • You will then be sent a unique code by SMS or email to enter and access your account.

You are now ready to start using Member Online.

What you can do online

Here are some of the tasks you can complete online:

  • View your account balance and transactions.
  • Manage your investments and track your daily and long-term performance.
  • Update your personal and contact details, and your communication preferences.
  • Get BPAY details for your account for additional contributions.
  • View your contributions, and check that you are staying under your annual contribution caps.
  • View and download your annual statements.
  • View, change and manage your insurance cover (currently only for members with Brighter Super accounts).
  • View notices that have been sent to you about any changes to the fund’s products and services.
  • View your latest superannuation benefit quote.
  • View and update your nominated beneficiaries.
  • For Pension members – manage and update your pension payment details and request a withdrawal from your account.

Over time we will continue to add new features to Member Online. Listening to member feedback has helped us create online services that give you an easy, convenient and secure way to manage your account.

Stronger protection with Multi-Factor Authentication

When you have registered for Member Online, each time you log in you will be asked for your password. You will then be sent a unique code by SMS or email, which changes every time you log in. You enter this code to access your account.

This is known as Multi-Factor Authentication, which gives your account two layers of protection – your password and a one-time code.

Multi-Factor Authentication has become a common feature in today's online world as businesses and organisations need to increase the protection of their customers’ data. You may already be using it regularly to access your account on other online services you use, such as banking, shopping, chat apps, video streaming and social media.

Why not give it a go today? Visit Member Online.


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