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EOFY results in positive returns for members, following a volatile year

LGIAsuper's investment strategy and approach to diversification has minimised the effects of volatile markets, resulting in healthy performance returns across the default MySuper Lifecycle Under 75 investment option.

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First published: August 2

FY18/19 was a year of ups and downs across the financial markets. Prior to Christmas there was much volatility and returns in the short-term were reflective of this. Stronger market performance in the second half of the year saw healthy performance returns for LGIAsuper’s MySuper Lifecycle Under 75 investment option. Despite the market challenges experienced in FY18/19, LGIAsuper’s long-term, diversified approach continues to achieve strong returns for members.

FY18/19 returns for LGIAsuper MySuper Lifecycle Under 75 investment option

 Year  1 year  5 years  10 years  34 years
 Return %  7.05%  7.57%  8.62%  9.10%

This means that a member who had $100,000 invested as at 1 July 2014 saw their end of financial year 18/19 balance sitting at $144,062 based on our 5-year return.

All financial markets exhibit some degree of risk, but the investment strategy underpinning LGIAsuper's investments is positioned to minimise the effects of volatile markets on your super. Diversification of interests plays a vital role in managing this risk.

LGIAsuper's investment portfolio includes assets within Australia and internationally, providing a hedge against local and global economic markets. Whilst infrastructure and property remain good long-term investments, LGIAsuper regularly reviews long-term macro trends such as our ageing population and supports these growth sectors by investing in areas such healthcare and aged care facilities.

We also invest in smaller, mid-market assets where we can play an active part in creating additional value and increased returns for members.

Markets can regularly fluctuate over the short-term but LGIAsuper's strong governance and diversified approach means members will see their returns increase in the long-term which is great news as many Australians look to transition into retirement.

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