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Financial advice you can trust

Getting professional financial advice can be a great way to get your retirement plans on track – and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Garnett Hollier talks super with other panel experts

First published: June 4

LGIAsuper provides limited personal advice over the phone on a single issue such as ‘contributions’ at no extra cost. This service is known as Advice Direct. We also offer personal comprehensive advice. 

Comprehensive Retirement Advice

If you need help understanding or maximising your super savings, our retirement planning professionals are here to assist you.

Whether you speak to one of our advisers over the phone or sit down for a more comprehensive review, you can be sure you’re talking to somebody who cares about your situation.

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Did you know?

The fee charged for advice can potentially be deducted from your LGIAsuper account. That means you can benefit from our team’s expert advice now, without it hurting your hip pocket. We’ll also explain our fees in detail to you whenever you request one of our advice services*. It’s about providing full transparency so you can plan ahead with confidence.

*For a full explanation of fees and the type of advice offered by LGIAsuper, please view the Financial Services Guide.