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Find your super with a Super Health Check

Each year, millions of dollars in superannuation lay lost or unclaimed in Australia. Could some of it be yours? With LGIAsuper, it's easy to find out.

LGIAsuper Super Health Check

First published: 2 August 2019

Having lost or unclaimed super is a common issue and something people should take seriously. In general, people can easily lose track of their super when they change jobs, switch super funds or move to a new house and don’t update their details.

Knowing where your super is and how much you have accumulated over your working life is extremely important if you are looking to build a secure financial future. 

Being complacent about your super can mean a difference of thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars when you retire, which can make a significant impact on a person’s financial position and long-term security.

If your super is lost or missing, you may not have control over the investment option that your account is using, or control over the fees you are paying, which may not be the most beneficial for your personal financial situation. If you’re an LGIAsuper member and want to know if you have any lost or unclaimed super, visit Member Online and register to search for your lost or unclaimed super today.

Whether you are new to the workforce or starting to count the days until you retire. LGIAsuper can provide you with the comfort of knowing that your super is working for you.  To get started, all you need to do is book in for a 30-minute Super Health Check. We can help you to understand your current super arrangements, locate any unclaimed super and take control of your financial arrangements. Super Health Checks can be conducted face-to-face, over the phone or via video conference. To book click here.