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Former Aurukun Mayor celebrates retirement on country

Retired Mayor of Aurukun Shire Council, Dereck Walpo

Published 23 August 2021

Former Mayor of Aurukun Shire Council, Dereck Walpo, has seen it all in a storied 43-year career that spans the days of the telegram and the thunderbox through to the rollout of high-speed internet.

Dereck’s affiliation with the Aurukun Shire Council started in 1978 before going on to hold various roles, including time with Queensland Health and the Queensland Police Service, which culminated in his appointment as Mayor in 2012. 

Highlights from Dereck’s time as Mayor include rolling out Aurukun’s 4G network and upgrading essential water and road services. 

These days, Dereck is enjoying the slower pace of retirement after many years of service to the community.

“I love being able to spend more time out on country and enjoy the peace and quiet. I also get to spend more time with my grandsons, going fishing and being outdoors,” Dereck said.

LGIAsuper has been on hand to support Dereck’s transition into retirement. Having been a member of the fund for around 30 years, Dereck said saving throughout his career and checking in on his superannuation regularly has allowed him to live a comfortable, dignified retirement without missing out on life’s pleasures.

“My main goal when I retired was to be stress-free and I am now, LGIAsuper really looks after you and I’ll always recommend them,” he said.

Since retiring from his role with council in March 2020, Dereck has been savouring the time he now gets to spend with his grandsons and plans on giving back to his family, thanks to the nest egg he built up with LGIAsuper.

“My family has been the biggest support throughout my career so it’s nice that I can give back to them,” Dereck said.

“I’m planning on getting a boat for my wife and I, so we can make the most of going out on country and spending time together.”

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