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How to stay with LGIAsuper when you change jobs

LGIAsuper stay with us

1 December 2021

If you change jobs, did you know that you can take LGIAsuper with you?

Changing your job doesn’t mean you need to change your super fund. Even though your new employer may have a preferred or default fund, you usually have the right to choose where you want to keep your super.

LGIAsuper is open to the public, available to everyone. You can work in either public or private sectors and still be an LGIAsuper member. Most employers in Australia can contribute to your LGIAsuper account, even if they have a different default super fund.

So, wherever you work, you are always welcome to stay with LGIAsuper.

How to stay with us

The Government’s rules for an employee’s choice of fund changed in 2021. Everyone now has an existing super account linked (or 'stapled') to them. This ‘stapled fund’ follows them as they change jobs.

If you are an LGIAsuper member, your stapled fund could be LGIAsuper, or it could be another super fund that you were previously with.

You always have the option to choose your super fund when you change jobs. However, if you don’t inform your new employer about your choice of fund, contributions will automatically go into your stapled fund – and this may not be your preferred option. So if you are changing jobs and would like to stay with LGIAsuper, we recommend that you give your LGIAsuper account details to your new employer.

We have made it easy for you to do this:

We’re here to help

If you would like further information about taking your LGIAsuper account with you to a new job, please call us on 1800 444 396.