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Investing in Central Queensland

LGIAsuper is the proud owner of the Fitzroy River macadamia farm near Rockhampton. 

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First published: October 17

Head of Investment Guy Rundle said the benefits were two-fold.

‘It’s a sound investment for our members from a financial standpoint, and also supports an industry that provides jobs and strengthens the Queensland economy.’

The investment adds to our growing agricultural portfolio which also includes the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange. Mr Rundle said the acquisition was exciting news for LGIAsuper members.

‘Over the past 10 years, our alternative investments, including agricultural assets, have provided solid investment returns and superior diversification benefits. This property is our first investment in tree nuts and complements our other assets.'

Fast facts

  • Located on a 600-hectare property, it’s one of the largest macadamia farms in the state and home to approximately 100,000 macadamia trees.
  • Provides opportunity for domestic growth – Australia is the highest consumer of macadamia nuts per capita.
  • Supports a strong and sustainable export market, with growing demand for macadamia nuts from China.

Putting members first

We’re proud of our investment performance, as well as our ability to protect and enhance our members’ super while minimising risk.

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Investment advice

If you’d like to review your current investment strategy, you can book an appointment with one of our trusted financial advisers. We can even provide you with advice on investments outside of super. This service is known as Advice Plus. Visit our advice page or call 1800 444 396 to find out more.