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Kochie to help Brighter Super members achieve ‘brighter’ retirements


14 March 2024

Nearly a year after announcing his own retirement from morning TV, former Sunrise host and finance journalist David ‘Kochie’ Koch has revealed his next move – helping Brighter Super members to focus on their own retirement journeys.

Instead of relaxing on the beach or sleeping beyond 3 am after 21 years on morning TV, Kochie – a self-labelled finance nerd – will become the ‘retirement advocate’ for Brighter Super on 14 March 2024.

As retirement advocate, Kochie will champion retirement education and engagement for the fund’s 230,000 members accounts* hosting events, delivering content, and regularly meeting with members to share his financial wisdom about planning for the future.

A passion for financial education

Brighter Super CEO Kate Farrar said Kochie would be a key part of the $30 billion* fund’s drive to get members thinking about retirement earlier and ensuring they were getting the right financial advice.

“As well as being a much-loved national icon, Kochie has outstanding credentials in finance and personal wealth journalism, and he is a passionate advocate for financial literacy and advice,” Ms Farrar said. 

“By bringing Kochie’s expertise together with the skills of the Brighter Super team, we want to create educational experiences and events that make financial information easy and fun to digest.”

Like-minded partners

Kochie said he had decided to partner with Brighter Super after touring the fund and meeting with the staff who provide financial advice and service to its members every day.

“At Brighter Super, I’ve found a group of people who share my passion for personal finance. At the heart of that is the principle that every member gets the right advice, at the right life stage for them and their family.” Mr Koch said

Brighter Super offers members a full range of financial advice options. This includes working alongside members’ own independent financial advisers, as well as delivering in-house advice services for members, ranging from super health checks to comprehensive advice.

Raising awareness about advice

Mr Koch said research shows that Australians who sought financial advice were, on average, 5.9%1 better off at retirement.

“One of our shared goals will be to ensure that Brighter Super members know what their advice options are and take advantage of the Fund's services that are available for them”.

After meeting Kochie for the first time at the fund’s headquarters in Brisbane, Brighter Super member Susanne Wright said the former TV personality would be an asset for the hundreds of thousands of fund members.

“He knows so much about managing money and has always been a strong voice, speaking up in the best interest of Australians,” Ms Wright said.

“I think he will be an asset to the fund’s members, because he’ll tell us what we need to know in a way that we’ll understand.”

Upcoming events with Kochie 

To attend upcoming events, Brighter Super members can register themselves and a guest at


*as at 31 December 2023

1 Source: Russell Investments 2023 ‘Value of an Adviser Report’ as published in 

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