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LGIAsuper and Energy Super a match made in heaven

Published 22 September 2021

Who says superannuation can’t be romantic? For Townsville couple Pam Miller and Kev Collier, there has never been a better union. 

The pair who have always had a lot in common gained another ‘shared interest’ earlier this month, after their respective super funds LGIAsuper and Energy Super ‘tied the knot’, as part of a major merger. 

The couple said they are now excited to see their nest eggs grow side by side following the unification of the two separate boutique profit-for-member funds. 

Pam first joined LGIAsuper when she began working with Burdekin Council in 1980, before computerised technology was commonplace in the workforce.   She remembers handwriting financial transactions into huge cash books and journals. In 1989, she stepped away from her role to raise her family.  After re-joining the workforce in 1999, Pam mastered the ten years of computer innovations she missed and worked her way up to Rates Department Manager.

Kevin started his career as an electrical engineer in 1981, where he joined Energy Super and went on to work on Power Stations in Kingaroy and Biloela, the Tasmanian Hydroelectric Commission in Launceston and finally in Townsville with the North Qld Electricity Board which later became Ergon Energy/Energy Qld.

Having previously withdrawn their superannuation early during their career, both Pam and Kev were thankful at the proactive approach of their funds to help them get back on track ahead of retirement.

Through salary sacrificing and strategic investing, thanks to the advice they received from their funds, the couple were able to meet their retirement goals.

“We were really lucky because both superfunds were always so proactive in contacting members to have a plan in place for retirement,” Pam said. 

“LGIAsuper would also regularly visit our Council office to provide Super Health Checks and individualised advice to grow your super.”

The pair were supportive of the merger.

“Prior to the announcement, I was looking to contribute some extra funds into super,” Kev said.

“The returns for both funds were good, but Pam’s super was doing better than mine, so I thought I would start a new account with LGIAsuper just for these funds; turns out I didn’t need to, thanks to the merger.” 

Pam and Kev are now very active retirees, spending their days exercising by the Strand, enjoying time with their two local grandchildren, volunteering and travelling whenever the opportunity arises.

“LGIAsuper and Energy Super have done right by us and supported us to ensure we were able to retire comfortably,” Kev said. 

“Both funds go above and beyond to educate members and the admin team is always available, so suffice to say that the two funds are well matched in values.”

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