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LGIAsuper’s Find my super tool – the easy way to track down your lost super

$17.5 billion1. That’s how much lost and unclaimed super exists across Australia, according to the latest data from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Could some of it be yours? With LGIAsuper, it’s easy to find out.

Garnett Hollier talks super with other panel experts

First published: October 22

If your super fund has lost contact with you, they are required to report your super as ‘lost’ to the ATO. Many Australians find it difficult to keep track of their super, but LGIAsuper members can search for lost super (or super held elsewhere) in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to Member online
  2. Click on the Find my super tool
  3. Hit search.

Within seconds, you’ll be able to locate all superannuation held outside your LGIAsuper account. You can then click on the transfer button to combine your super with us.

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Find your lost super

Find My Super - The easy way to track and consolidate your super in seconds.

You could save thousands of dollars by combining your super

If you’ve got more than one account, you’re probably paying multiple fees and insurance premiums. And you wouldn’t be alone.

Of the 15.6 million Australians with a super fund account, approximately 39% (more than six million people) have multiple accounts according to the ATO1.

Combing your super – or consolidating accounts, is often thrown in the ‘too hard basket.’

But if you’re an LGIAsuper member, there’s no excuse not to thanks to the Find my super tool.

You could save thousands of dollars over the course of your working life by combining your super with us.

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1Source: ATO website. $17.5 billion of lost or unclaimed super held by Australian residents as at 30/6/16.