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LGIAsuper’s strong performance is ranked in the top 10 for 2019

Our fund has been awarded the highest ratings in the Australian superannuation industry by Chant West and SuperRatings


LGIAsuper’s strong performance and service is ranked in the top 10 for 2019

First published: January 23

LGIAsuper has again been awarded the highest rating in the Australian superannuation industry by research company Chant West, topping off a year of big wins for the Queensland-based fund. This follows LGIAsuper’s MySuper Lifecycle Under 75 investment option achieving a return of 16.1%* for the 2019 calendar year, making Chant West’s ‘Top 10 performing growth funds for 2019’.

Chant West has also awarded a ‘5 Apple’ rating to both LGIAsuper’s Accumulation and Pension accounts, indicating the ‘highest quality’ based on an assessment of investment performance, member services, fees, insurance and organisational strength.

CEO Kate Farrar said the ratings were a ringing endorsement of LGIAsuper’s dedication to delivering strong results while always prioritising members. 

“These ratings are a testament to our long-standing trustworthiness, combined with our tested and proven investment strategy,” Ms Farrar said.

“We pride ourselves on being member-driven and results-focused because the evidence says that’s what produces the best investment outcomes.”

LGIAsuper’s excellent results have also been acknowledged by SuperRatings, who awarded a ‘Platinum’ rating on the fund’s Accumulation and Pension products for the 12th year running, and on our MySuper product for the seventh consecutive year. This has highlighted the fund’s commitment to delivering reliable and solid investment returns, competitive insurance and a trusted range of products and services to all members.

LGIAsuper's Chant West Awards for 2020

LGIAsuper's SuperRatings Awards for 2020

“These accolades are gratifying, but for us they’re validation of our approach and the work that we’ve done,” Ms Farrar said.

“Our focus remains on providing Queenslanders with a secure future by supporting their retirement planning and working hard to ensure a profitable return on their investments.”
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Chant West calculates returns net of investment fees and tax, but before administration fees; returns net of administration fees, as reported to members, were 15.9% for the same period.