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Strong returns from global infrastructure and renewable energy

LGIAsuper continues to achieve strong returns from its investments in global infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

Strong returns from global infrastructure and renewable energy - June 2020

First published: 5 June 2020

During the first quarter of 2020, LGIAsuper had a 17% return from its participation in the ISQ Global Infrastructure Fund*, operated by global infrastructure investment manager I Squared Capital (ISQ). 

ISQ has given LGIAsuper access to an investment portfolio of around USD $9.1 billion across energy, utility, telecom and transport industries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The portfolio also includes the fast-growing renewable energy market in Europe. LGIAsuper’s investment in the ISQ Global Infrastructure Fund is currently AUD $368 million.

LGIAsuper CEO Kate Farrar said the latest returns from the ISQ Global Infrastructure Fund were evidence that LGIAsuper’s strategy of investing in critical long-term infrastructure was delivering positive results for members. 

“ISQ has a track record of finding the best opportunities globally. Our partnership with the company helps us to participate in some very successful and profitable projects,” Ms Farrar said.

The ISQ fund portfolio includes projects such as the OCENSA pipeline in Colombia, Cube Highways in India, Rubis Terminal in Europe, and FlexiVan in the United States.

Opportunities in new and emerging sectors

Within the ISQ fund, LGIAsuper has an AUD $11.9 million share in Grupo T-Solar, a Spanish solar power producer. T-Solar plans to produce and distribute 127 megawatts of additional power across Spain.

Ms Farrar said it was important for LGIAsuper to be investing in assets at the forefront of the growing renewable energy market.

“Our participation in the ISQ Global Infrastructure Fund means we have a stake in several early industry leaders, like Amplus Energy, a thriving solar energy provider in India,” Ms Farrar said.

“Renewable energy is growing right now as traditional energy assets fall out of favour, so it’s important that we are a part of this shift”.

“As a boutique superannuation fund we can react swiftly to opportunities in new and emerging sectors. Larger funds may struggle to match our agility. It’s why we appeal to people who want a fund that is going to protect them from market fluctuations, while taking advantage of growth opportunities when they arise.”


* Past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future performance.