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Is it time for some face-to-face with the super fund for the energy industry?

Queensland is a big state (over 1.8 million km2) with a workforce spread out far and wide serving communities and industries from Brisbane to Mount Isa, and the Cape to Birdsville. When it comes to a diverse and widespread workforce, there is no better example than the electrical and energy industry.

Brighter Super makes the extra effort to understand the industry and always be right by the side of electricians and energy workers, wherever they are. We are working hard to establish relationships and have a team of dedicated super experts to support workers in the electrical and energy industry.


Our Relationship Management team is available to make presentations to employer executive management, human resources and payroll teams, and to meet with members on the ground. Each presentation runs for about 30 – 60 minutes and can cover subjects such as:

• superannuation legislation – we look at the latest changes impacting employers and employees

• employer insights – help employees plan for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement

• workplace services – insurance or investment information, help with transition to retirement programs or salary sacrificing.


Our team of 40 electrical and energy industry super experts is on the ground where you are. Having this personalised service ensures you get the support and advice you need to realise your retirement dreams. That dedicated support and advice includes our annual free Super Health Checks: a 30-minute appointment with one of our superannuation specialists. Our team will could help you to:

• potentially increase your take home pay through salary sacrifice

• combine multiple superannuation accounts to save you time and money

• pay the right insurance premium for your type of occupation

• understand how much you may need to retire comfortably.

Our services and products are tailored for electricians and energy workers, showing no one understands the electrical and energy industry like we do.

To find out more about Brighter Super and what services we can offer you contact us today. You can book a personalised Super Health Check at no additional cost here.

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