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Understanding your superannuation fees

LGIAsuper charges fees to cover the cost of running the fund and providing services to our members. This includes fees for administration, investments and insurance.

First published: October 4

We work hard to keep our fees as low as possible, and are continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation.

We are a profit-for-members fund. We do not have any shareholders, and we do not pay commissions to financial advisers, so our profits go back into the fund for the benefit of all our members.

Our most common fees include the following:

  • Administration fees – covers the admin services needed to run your account such as processing transactions, telephone support, general advice, preparing statements, and sending communications.
  • Investment fees – covers the management of your investments across different assets, including indirect cost to external investment managers.
  • Insurance fees and premiums – this is the cost of your insurance provided through LGIAsuper.
  • Personal advice fee – we offer personal advice to our members, and fees will vary depending on the type and complexity of advice required.

Further information

For a full list of fees with more detailed information - visit Fees and costs.

Different fee arrangements apply if you have a Defined Benefit account – visit Defined benefits.

Further details are available in documents for all account types at Product Disclosure Statements and guides.

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