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Proof of identity requirements

You’ve worked hard to grow your super savings, and we work hard to look after it for you. That’s why we abide by Australian Government requirements before releasing it.

Why does Brighter Super verify your identity?

In 2006 the Australian Government introduced the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act 2006 as part of a package of legislation designed to combat money laundering and terrorism financing and to bring Australia into line with international best practice.

Brighter Super must comply with the legislation. In response we’ve introduced a range of internal measures to meet our obligations. Verifying your identity is just one of the ways we protect your money.

How is your identity verified?

If you are an Australian resident with Australian identification documents currently living in Australia, we offer electronic identity verification as well as verification through certified documents. However, if you're living overseas or possess only foreign government identification documents, electronic verification won't be possible. In such cases, you'll need to submit certified documents to verify your identity. Regardless of the method chosen, you will need to provide the specific information outlined in this info sheet.

Electronic identity verification

You can choose for Brighter Super to verify your identity online. To do this we need your:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • residential address.

We will also need your:

  • driver’s licence number, card number and state of issue
  • driver’s licence card number is now mandatory for all States and Territory's in Australia. Your card number is a unique identifier which is updated each time a driver’s licence is re-issued. Including the card number when verifying your identity ensures that the document being presented is the most recently issued document and this will minimise the risk of identity theft using a stolen or lost driver licence. The position of the card number is different for each State and Territory. If you hold a Queensland driver licence, your card number is located at the bottom of your licence however, in other states it is commonly located on the back of your licence.


  • passport number (including your family name at birth, place of birth and country of birth)

Use of credit information

Choosing to verify your identity electronically simply means you authorise us to check your identity online. You can also authorise us to check your personal information against existing information held by a credit reporting agency. Use of credit information may increase the likelihood of us being able to verify your identity electronically. Checking your identity this way is not the same as a credit check, which means it will not impact your credit rating in any way and there will be no record stored on your credit file.

What does a credit reporting agency do with my information?

To verify your identity through a credit reporting agency Brighter Super will disclose your name, residential address and date of birth. The credit reporting agency will confirm these details match personal information already held by them. If the details you provide cannot be matched by the credit reporting agency we will advise you in writing. We will also advise if you need to meet further identity requirements.

Choosing to provide certified documents

You can choose to verify your identity by supplying Brighter Super with certified documents. Read ‘What is a certified document’ below for more information or contact us.

What is a certified document?

A certified copy of a document is one that is officially confirmed as being a true and exact copy of the original.

This means a person who is legally qualified to do so will look at an original document and its copy and make sure both are identical. They will then certify every page as a true and exact copy by writing or stamping ‘certified true copy’ followed by all of the below:

  • their signature
  • their printed name
  • their qualification (e.g. Justice of the Peace, Australia Post employee etc.)
  • date certified
What documents can I give Brighter Super ?

Option 1: Provide one of these

  • Current Driver’s Licence (both sides)
  • Passport
  • Adult Proof of Age Card

Option 2: Provide one of these

  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Centrelink Pensioner card (both sides)
  • Centrelink Health Care card (both sides)

+ One of these

  • Your Centrelink payment letter that is less than 12 months old.
  • A notice from a Commonwealth, State or Territory Government that is less than 12 months old.
  • Electricity bill, gas bill, water bill or phone bill that is less than 3 months old.
  • A notice from your local government that shows your name and residential address. This must be less than 3 months old.

If any of the documents in this table are issued by a foreign government and written in a language that is not understood by the person carrying out the verification, it must be accompanied by an English translation.

What is a valid document?

We can only accept a certified copy of an original document that has been certified within the last 12 months. Under no circumstances should you ever send us an original document such as your actual passport, licence etc. as you need to be present at the time of certification.

Have you changed your name or are signing on someone’s behalf?

If you have changed your name or are signing on behalf of another person, you will need to provide a certified linking document.

If you have changed your name you will need to provide one of the following suitable linking documents:

  • marriage certificate
  • deed poll
  • decree nisi
  • change of name certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages registration office

If you are signing on behalf of the applicant, you will need to provide us with Guardianship papers or Power of Attorney.

What should my fully certified document look like?

Your fully-certified document should look similar to the example below:

1. Copy of both sides of the driver’s licence that belongs to the person who wishes to prove their identity.
2. Certification and signature of the person who is qualified to certify documents.
3. Stamp and registration number (if applicable) of the person who is qualified to certify documents.
4. The name and qualification of the person who is qualified to certify documents and the date of certification.

Who can certify my documents?

  • Who can certify my documents in Australia

    The following individuals, who currently reside in Australia, are eligible to certify copies of your original identity documents:

    • A Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Declarations or notary public officer

    • Police officer, doctor, pharmacist, dentist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, nurse, optometrist or veterinary surgeon

    • Registrar or deputy registrar of the court, judge of a court or magistrate

    • An Australia Post employee with more than 2 years of service or an agent of the Australian Postal Corporation

    • A finance company officer with more than 2 years service or an officer with, or authorised representative of, a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence, with more than 2 years of service

    • A person enrolled on the roll of a State or Territory Supreme Court or the High Court of Australia, as a legal practitioner

    • An Australian consular officer, Australian diplomatic officer or authorised Commonwealth employee in a country or place outside Australia

    • A Chief Executive Officer of a Commonwealth court

    • An Australian Defence Force officer or warrant officer or non-commissioned officer with at least 5 years continuous service.

    • A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants with 2 years continuous membership

    • A teacher employed on a full-time basis at a school or tertiary institution

    • A permanent employee with 2 or more years continuous service, of one of the following:

      • the Commonwealth or Commonwealth authority

      • a State or Territory or a State or Territory authority;

      • local government authority

  • Who can certify my documents while overseas

    We can only accept certified identification documents that are signed by one of the following people within the last 12 months:

    • A person in a foreign country who is authorised by law in that jurisdiction to administer oaths or affirmations or to authenticate documents.

    • A person authorised as a notary public in a foreign country.

    • Employee of the Commonwealth or the Australian Trade Commission who is authorised and exercising his or her function in a country or place outside Australia

    • Australian Consular Officer or Australian Diplomatic Officer (within the meaning of the Consular Fees Act 1955)

    For original documents that are not in English, you must also provide a translation from an accredited translator.

Any questions?

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