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An innovative approach to growing your super

LGIAsuper CEO Kate Farrar (photographed below) during a visit to the Yabulu power station, part of the North Queensland Gas Pipeline. We're proud of our investment approach and the fund's recent achievements.

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First published: October 17

It’s been a big year for LGIAsuper. After being crowned the Best Medium Super Fund at the Conexus Financial Awards, we were ranked among the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies for our new administration system – one of just two super funds to be featured on the list.

Our number one priority

It’s nice to receive recognition, but what’s more important is helping you achieve your ideal retirement. 

That’s why our approach will always remain the same.

We’ll continue to focus on what we do best - providing trusted financial advice, reliable superannuation products, personal service and consistently strong investment returns. 

It’s an approach that has served our members well since 1965.

Short and long-term performance you can rely on

Our Diversified Growth option posted a top quartile return of 9.4% last financial year, outperforming our investment objective by a whopping 4%.  

We’re proud of the result, but it’s long-term performance that really counts. That’s why we’re delighted to be among Australia’s top ten performing funds over the last decade1.

We’ve also delivered an average investment return of 9.15% p.a. over 33 years (as at 30 June 2018) for our default investment option. 

Big assets, local focus

A key part of our strategy is investing in local infrastructure, tourism and agriculture assets.

It’s an approach that boosts the retirement balances of our valued members, while supporting Queensland communities and local industry.

LGIAsuper’s infrastructure assets include the North Queensland Gas Pipeline, Sunshine Coast Airport and Gold Coast Light Rapid Rail project. In the past year, we’ve invested in a $101 million sale and leaseback deal on Gold Coast theme park land.

We’re also looking at strategic investments to add to our agricultural portfolio. 

Besides the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange, we purchased the Fitzroy River macadamia farm near Rockhampton. You can read more about it here.

Looking after the retirement savings of more than 80,000 members is a responsibility we take very seriously. We will continue to focus on acquiring assets that deliver consistent investment returns so you can achieve your ideal retirement.

1Source: Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Annual Fund-level Superannuation Statistics June 2017, Ten year rate of return (issued 28 March 2018)