It is with great pleasure that we officially welcome you to Brighter Super. As of 1 July 2022, LGIAsuper will be known as Brighter Super.

The Brighter Super Group has been formed by LGIAsuper, Energy Super and Suncorp’s superannuation business (SPSL). It will manage around $31 billion in investments on behalf of 260,000 members, continuing to support the future of Queenslanders, and now all Australians far and wide.

We might look different, but we are still the same fund you know and trust. Brighter Super is 100% member owned and committed to achieving the best and brightest retirement outcomes for its members.

Welcome officially to Brighter Super.

More about Brighter Super

The Brighter Super Group combines the strengths of LGIAsuper, Energy Super and SPSL, including our strong member focus and personalised service. Over time, our increased size and scale will enable us to deliver better services and lower costs for all our members.

A history of connection: Brighter Super draws on the combined history and success of LGIAsuper, Energy Super and SPSL. Historically the three funds have been focused on local government, energy and electrical industries in Queensland. Coming together as the Brighter Super Group, we can expand our focus to provide a personalised service to more Australians than ever.

A personal spark: We are still the same super fund you know and trust, right by your side through life’s changing moments. We are still member focused, and our members come first in everything we do. Since the merger, we have had more than 10,600 in-person meetings, seminar attendees and phone or email conversations. 

The power of scale: Brighter Super has already reduced total fees and costs for members by up to 28%. For example, a member with a super balance of $150,000 in the MySuper option, now benefits from an annual reduction of total fees and costs of approximately $3071. This saving has been delivered by:

  • Removing our weekly $1 administration fee. You are now only charged the fixed 0.18% annual administration fee.
  • Reducing our administration fee cap from $1,575 to $900 per year.

Growing the future: The Brighter Super Group is focused on solid long-term performance through a diversified investment portfolio of shares, property, infrastructure, debt, and other growth assets. For example, our default MySuper option has averaged an 8% annual return over a 10-year period (as at 30 March 2022)2

Watch our Fund and Investment update

We aim to make the transition to our new brand as seamless as possible for our members. We will continue to consult with our members about the changes and listen to your feedback. 

Watch our recent Fund and Investment update webinar, hosted by Group CEO Kate Farrar and Chief Investment Officer Mark Rider.

Kate discussed what's coming up for the fund, and Mark provided an update on the investment markets and what this could mean for your super

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What’s next?

From 1 July 2022, Brighter Super branding has replaced LGIAsuper on the website, Member Online and mobile app.

Future communications from us will come from Brighter Super. However, we are rolling the new brand out gradually so you may still receive information with the LGIAsuper brand.

What does this mean for members?

Members can be assured that there are no changes to their accounts. Member account details will remain the same.

As always, you can continue to talk with us on the same contact number, 1800 444 396 or email us at our new address,

For further information about our new name and brand, you can refer to our frequently asked questions.


1. This estimate is based on a comparison of the total administration and investment fees and costs from LGIAsuper Product Disclosure Statement dated 1 May 2021 (pre-merger) and current total administration and investment fees and costs using the MySuper investment option. Exact cost reductions will be different for every member based on their individual circumstances and investment option, and this is used for illustration purposes only.

2. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.