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Notices and communications sent to members

The table below provides advisers with copies of significant event notices and related communications sent to members who had an SPSL Master Trust (Suncorp Super) account prior to 1 June 2023.

Future notices will be added to this table when they are sent to members.

Notice date Change Notice to members
17 April 2023 Transfer to Brighter Super on 1 June 2023

The contents of the notice will vary slightly according to which type of account each member has.

As an example, below are documents which are being sent to members of Suncorp Brighter Super and Suncorp Everyday Super who have made an investment choice, and members of Suncorp Brighter Super pension and Suncorp Everyday Super pension.

Examples of summary documents sent to members:

28 April 2023 Important updates and temporary disruption to services


More documents will be added soon.

Frequently asked questions

We've answered many of the frequently asked questions about the Successor Fund Transfer, covering a range of topics for members, advisers and employers.

For our full list of topics, you can refer to our frequently asked questions.

Answers to questions that are directly relevant for AFS Licensees and advisers are displayed below:

What are the Adviser registration and administration changes?
  • Listed Advisers do not need to re-register with Brighter Super – their registration will be carried over.
  • Advisers will no longer be able to:
    • Access interim statements
    • Download a CSV list of clients
    • Receive weekly summaries of member activity
  • We recommend advisers get a final print out from the Suncorp Super system before the 25 May 2023.
  • Advisers who hold a third-party authority to access information only on a members account will need to be reauthorised by completing a Brighter Super Third-Party authority application
  • Advisers will need to complete an Authorised Third-Party Adviser form to be able to transact on member accounts.
When can advisers expect Interim Statements to become available in Brighter Super?

Listed Advisers will have access to the Adviser Portal and be able to obtain the majority of information they need through the portal. Enhancements will be on-going with a view to improve the adviser experience with Brighter Super and reduce the need to Financial Advisers to call the Contact Centre.

What is changing for Accumulation and Pension members?
  • Accumulation and pension offerings are being harmonised with Brighter Super offerings as much as possible.
  • Suncorp Super members will move to the Brighter Super MySuper product.
  • A new product range, known as Brighter Super Optimiser, has been created for Suncorp Super members. They consist of an accumulation product and a pension product.
  • These products are only available to Suncorp Super members. Only eligible employers can open a new Brighter Super Optimiser Accumulation account after 1 June 2023, and the only members eligible to open Brighter Super Optimiser Pension accounts will be existing Brighter Super Accumulation account members.
Which Suncorp Super products are moving to Brighter Super?
  • Members in a Suncorp Brighter Super (personal and business) and Pension, Suncorp Everyday Super and Pension and Suncorp Employee Superannuation Plan will move to a Brighter Super Optimiser Accumulation and Pension products.
  • Suncorp Super Term Allocated Pension members will move to the Brighter Super Market-Linked Pension
  • Suncorp Super Classic Pension will move to a Brighter Super Classic Pension.
  • Members invested in the SPSL Pooled Superannuation Trust (PST) will remain in this product.
  • TAL administered legacy products will remain administered on TAL Systems.
What about adviser fees and payments before and after the Successor Fund Transfer?
  • Advisers can continue to charge personal advice fees to members, if they are registered and linked to their member client.
  • Current adviser fees in place with members will be carried over and continue until the expiry period.
  • Adviser fee job will be executed between 26 and 30 May 2023, and payments being made to the AFS Licensees on 31 May 2023 as well as loading advice fee statements.
When will the portal for the Adviser community be ready and online?
  • Advisers will no longer be able to access to the Suncorp portal on 25 May 2023.
  • The new Brighter Super Adviser Portal will be launched between 12 and 19 June 2023 with an email to all existing Listed Advisers inviting them to re-register.
  • This will allow registered Advisers to access their member client data.
  • Information will be sent to advisers when the portal is available, with details on how to register and setup their password.
  • Only advisers who are registered in their individual name will be eligible to register for the Brighter Super portal.
  • Advisers registered in a Company name will not be eligible to register for the adviser portal due to security & multi factor identification requirements. They will need to complete a Change of Adviser Details form to update their registration to individual name, to obtain portal access. Otherwise any information will only be available over the phone via the Contact Centre.
Authorised Third-Party agreements (authority to transact)
  • Authorised Third Party transacting rights will cease on 31 May 2023.
  • Only registered listed advisers connected to the member account will be eligible to have transacting rights on member account. Existing authorities will cease, Adviser will need to arrange new authority to be signed.